Scariest Halloween Of Our Time

Halloween eve came with news that was exciting, yet terrifying. 

Yesterday, the public learned that the first charges in the Mueller Russia probe have been filed. The first wave of charges included conspiracy, money laundering, and lying for top tier Trump campaign officials, Paul Manufort and Rick Gates. Following this, George Papadopoulos, who worked as Trump's foreign policy advisor, turned himself in for lying to the FBI about communicating with the Russian government during the election. 

As we finally have some sort of evidence that the Trump campaign knowingly let Russia meddle in the 2016 election, it is also absolutely alarming that self-proclaimed patriots allowed a foreign government to disrupt the American electoral process. Also, Russia is not just an ordinary foreign government. For decades, Russia has been deemed as the United States biggest competitor for global power and leadership. Russia has hardly been a friend to the United States, and has a government that shamelessly disrupts its own Democracy by silencing citizens, lying to the public, and murdering journalists and politicians who speak out. 

It is alarming that we now know that those who are very close to the President of the United States worked with an outside government to disrupt an American election, especially with one that is notorious for undermining their own "Democracy". It is also terrifying that Trump supporters, many who are American citizens and preach patriotism and nationalism, have made it clear that they don't find the indictment news troubling.

There is nothing patriotic about the Trump campaign allowing a government like Russia to disrupt American Democracy. 

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Happy Halloween, and keep resisting. 

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