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My First TYT Shirt

November 02 2017 – Tamara Estes

My First TYT Shirt
My First TYT Shirt

Written by Stacey Khizder

My first TYT shirt has brought me luck since the first day I got it.

Last year, before the 2016 general election, The Young Turks was on tour with Fusion, hosting multiple live shows on America’s colleges and universities. 

Back then, I was just a fan of TYT. I watched the two hour live show religiously, as well as the network’s other shows. It was also around that time that I was feeling lost about what I wanted to do in my career, but my passion for progressive politics and journalism drew me to TYT. 

One of the tour stops was at the George Washington University, which was really close to me. As I knew that TYT doesn’t come around the East Coast that often, I was extremely excited to finally see the personalities that I’ve been following for so long. 

When I got there, I got my first TYT shirt, the one that reads, “The largest online news show network in the world”. I was proud to own and wear the shirt that establishes how influential and impactful TYT has been over the years. With this, I felt motivated to take initiative and apply to intern with The Young Turks. 

Ever since I got this shirt, it has only brought me luck. Since then, I applied to intern with TYT and was accepted. Even if I didn’t work for this network, I would be happy to flaunt that with 7 billion lifetime views and with 11 million subscribers, The Young Turks has made a huge influence over politics, journalism, and the use of media. 

Get the classic Official TYT Seal shirt to celebrate the success of the network since it was established in 2002. I’m sure it’ll bring you as much luck as it’s brought me. 


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