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    Q: I just placed an order.  When can I expect my order to arrive?  

    A: Typically you should receive your item within a week, longer for international.  However, because we are still a small store operation there may be occasional delays please allow up to 6 weeks (8 weeks international) for all items to arrive.  


    Q: Do you have a size chart? 

    A: Yes.


    Q: Will I be notified when my order is shipped?  Where can I find tracking information?  

    A:  Yes.  However, we work with two different distributors.  One distributor does input information directly into our shop system so you will receive notifications for shipment with tracking information.  Our second distributor will send you shipping information separately.  

    Q: I ordered multiple items but only received partial order when it arrived.

    A: Not all items are shipped from the same distributor.  Shipping times will vary depending on the item.   


    Q: Why does the design on the shirt I received look smaller or larger than it appears on the shop page?

    A: The shirt designs posted on our shop page is on a Medium size shirt.  The design size does not change with shirt size so it will appear slightly smaller or larger depending on the size of shirt that you order.  


    Q: Why are different shirts different prices? 

    A:  The reason the prices vary is because we want to keep the price as low for the customer as we can. Different shirt designs go through different processes to get to the customer which is reflected in the price.


    Q: It has been more than 6 weeks and my order as not arrived.  What do I do? 

    A: Please email us at orders@tytnetwork.com with your order confirmation details. 


    For all other questions or concerns please email us at orders@tytnetwork.com. Thank you for your support!