When Will It End?

Written by Stacey Khizder
How many more people have to die for the President and for Congress to start protecting their citizens? In the past 40 days, there have been 2 mass shootings in the United States, and 0 efforts from the majority leaders to come up with a solution.
On Sunday, Sutherland Springs, Texas was hit with one of the worst mass shootings in the nation's modern history as a gunman killed 26 people in a baptist church. In response, President Donald Trump said that mass shootings are a mental health problem, not a gun problem. However, research shows that the countries with strict gun control are the ones with the least mass shootings. 
In a public statement made yesterday by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, he accidentally admits that America's gun problem is centered around people who want to commit evil, and "will use weaponry that is available". He is right. 
Another innocent life lost to gun violence is not worth our leadership being passive to the origins of the problem. There is an undeniable need for gun control in the United States, and we Want You To Give A Shit.  
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