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February 20 2018 – Tamara Estes


Written by Stacey Khizder

Yesterday was President's Day, and while some people were able to use this holiday to take the day off, a student-led group called 'Teens for Gun Reform' held a lie-in outside the White House.

While action from the current President is no where to be found, the students of America are taking it upon themselves to reform gun control. Over President's day weekend, Trump met with some survivors of the tragic Parkland High School shooting. In the same night, he attended a private, Mar-A-Logo disco party. Instead of mourning, offering support, and actively working on making sure another 17 students don't lose their lives from lack of gun control... the current President chose to lavishly party instead. 

If Trump fails to show leadership now, then when will he? 

This is not the type of "Presidential" behavior that should be celebrated or honored. As time passes, Trump is giving us even more reason to "Resist the 45th" and to protest his Presidency as much as possible. 


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