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Legalize Voting, Not Assault Rifles

February 28 2018 – Tamara Estes

Legalize Voting, Not Assault Rifles
Legalize Voting, Not Assault Rifles

Written by Stacey Khizder

Last week, CNN held a town hall on gun laws in America following the tragic Stoneman Douglas High School massacre that killed 17 teenagers. A Florida Congressman, both Florida Senators, and an NRA spokeswoman went face-to-face with gun violence victims. 

Incredibly brave survivors-turned-gun-control-activists were able to boldly face their representatives and challenge them. They confronted their "leaders" on their weak, inactive response within a week of losing their classmates, friends, and family. They are an inspiration. They are the future of America, and are leading a hurting nation better than any elected official. 

The GOP's solution against gun control is to provide metal detectors in schools and to arm teachers -- but what about the other wide range of public places where mass shootings often take place? What about movie theaters? What about concert venues? What about churches, the epicenter of 'thoughts and prayers'? Are the Republicans planning on arming every ticket holder and every priest, too? The answer is no. Tighter security and more guns aren't going to prevent mass shootings from happening. However, putting a ban on assault rifles might. 

This year is the time to vote out any politician that rejects gun law reform. Due to the bravery of America's young activists, the conversation around gun control reform will likely stay alive. We owe it to all of the victims of gun violence to keep this conversation going.

In the next few months, voting in the midterm elections is crucial to making sure the right people are in office to make gun law reform a reality.

In America, it is easier to buy an AR-15 than to vote, when it should be the other way around. It's time we legalize voting, not assault rifles


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