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Sweet 16!

February 19 2018 – Aaron Wysocki

Sweet 16!
Sweet 16!

Written by Stacey Khizder

As many of you know, Wednesday was Valentine's Day, but it was also TYT's 16th birthday! 

In 2002, The Young Turks premiered as a radio program on Sirius XM. Just a few years later in 2005, TYT launched as a series on Youtube where they started the conversation around how media companies can utilize online platforms like Youtube to spread political messaging.

Now, sixteen years later, TYT holds 7 billion lifetime views and 11 million subscribers, becoming the largest online and independent news show in the world. The Young Turks holds a leading spot in digital journalism and will continue to use their influence to challenge corruption while also giving you unfiltered journalism and raw commentary. 

However, TYT's success would not be where it is now if it wasn't for the audience. The TYT fan base is unique as it constantly challenges the establishment, which helps us bring truth to power. The TYT Army is, and has always been Too StrongWhile we honor the success of the TYT Network, we also celebrate you for helping us get here! 

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