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TYT Army Is Too Strong

February 06 2018 – Tamara Estes

TYT Army Is Too Strong
TYT Army Is Too Strong

Written by Stacey Khizder

Before I started working for TYT, I was only a fan. I would watch the live show in full, as often as I could. If not, I would catch up by hooking my phone up to the bluetooth in my car, and listen while driving (I still do this).

As a government and politics major, I consume my everyday-life with politics. When I'm not in class, I live on Twitter. When I'm not scrolling through the hot takes on my timeline, I'm arguing with my friends about controversial headlines. However, there is one outlet that I chose to consistently keep up with, and it's The Young Turks.

There are many aspects of TYT that sets it apart from other news organizations. One of the first that drew me to the network was that it's independent from corporate influence, making the commentary and reporting unfiltered and raw. In a time where almost everything is bought and sold for a benefit, I appreciated that this news network was not. I also loved their core philosophy of reporting the underreported stories. Each time I watch cable news or log onto Twitter, I'm forced to see the same content, reworded and re-angled. Meanwhile there are countless of scandals and injustices around the world that are swept under the rug. While corporate news has the resources to report on those stories, but chose not to, TYT tries.

Another thing that struck me about the Young Turks is the TYT Army. No other news show that I've watched interacts with its audience the way our founder, hosts, and staff do. The audience and the fans always come first.

This year, The Young Turks is nominated for 3 different Shorty Awards! Only you can help TYT win. You can vote once a day, everyday.  

If you aren't already a member, it's always a great time to join. Help support independent journalism in a time where it is extremely vital to do so. Come join the TYT Army!


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