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Still Not Presidential

February 05 2018 – Tamara Estes

Still Not Presidential
Still Not Presidential

Written by Stacey Khizder

On Tuesday, Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union address as President of the United States. As Trump's behavior is usually unprecedented, his seemingly 'normal' performance for the SOTU address was unexpected. People jumped at the claim that this was the night that Trump became "presidential", even though all he did was read off a teleprompter. During his pre-written speech, he continued to mislead the pubic and failed to address the bigotry, hate, and corruption that he and the GOP continue to perpetuate. There is nothing presidential about that. 

This year, the Democrats have a real chance at flipping the House and turning it blue. Those who further a hateful, unjust, and unethical agenda do not deserve any praise, and are definitely not "presidential". If we want to Resist the 45th during this crucial election cycle, we must have higher standards for our leaders. 

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  • Laura O'Shea: February 14, 2018
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    I am very afraid that if Trump gets people to believe that the FBI is corrupt and the Justice Dept is corrupt that he will get his generals who have become liars under his administration will overthrow the government. 40% of Americans may also be with him to turn us into a totalitarian govt. There is only one party in congress that is the corporate party. Regular Americans are getting screwed and have been since Reagan. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, George W and now Trump is a part of the Corporate party

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