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ShopTYT Fashion Month

February 07 2018 – Tamara Estes

ShopTYT Fashion Month
ShopTYT Fashion Month

Written by Stacey Khizder

Are you a fan of TYT and want to help support independent media? Do you like ShopTYT's merchandise, but you're having trouble finding ways to wear your swag? Do you want to be #trendy while also making a bold political statement?As February is the month for fashion, we're here to help with that.

With your jean jacket

Our Lapel Pin Pack is the perfect addition to any jean jacket, giving it an edgy look that also supports the independent network that is TYT. These pins would also look great on any backpack, cap, or anything your heart desires. 



Any clothing item from ShopTYT can be bleached, giving it a stylish, eye-catching finish. For instructions on how to bleach your items, click here

With your favorite cardigan and winter accessories

A coat or cardigan with additions like a scarf or hat allow your TYT swag to fashionably blend in with your outfit while also making a statement. This is how I style most of my ShopTYT shirts and tanks when I'm going to class, running an errand, or to work. 

Patch it on!


Our Patch Pack can be easily added onto any hat, bag, shirt, blanket, and anything that's made of cloth. This is the perfect way to get creative with ShopTYT's politically-centered designs that you can't find anywhere else, especially if you're looking for more variety from our select designs.

Tied into a knot

Knotted shirts and tanks are a cute ~twist~ to any outfit. Doing this adds a trendy element to your completed look while also drawing attention to the statement you're aiming to make. 

When you get your ShopTYT swag, show it off! Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook wearing your favorite merchandise! Show us how you capture your style while making a statement. 

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  • Alexander Ciresi: September 05, 2023
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    HUGE FAN … I have searched through all of you clothing in search of the Avengers end game tyt edition. I am a Marvel NUT and would love to get my hands on one. How do I place an order for a 3x . Please help

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