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This Award Show Season

January 30 2018 – Tamara Estes

This Award Show Season
This Award Show Season

Written by Stacey Khizder

The arts have always been political. Given the sensitive time period we're living in, I'm happy to see more celebrities speak out against racism, sexism, bigotry, climate change, and socio-economic inequality. It's great to see members of Hollywood using their platform to support the Resistance, but not when their message is filled with hypocrisy.  

On Sunday, the Grammy Awards felt like a follow up from the Golden Globes. Celebrities showed up with white roses as part of their ensemble, with the intention of showing solidarity towards the #TimesUp movement. Launched during the Golden Globes, 'Time's Up' is a campaign that aims to tackle sexism, harassment, and the inadequate representation of women in the workplace. Ironically, during the Grammys, only one woman won a major award. Hollywood and members of the Academy only flaunted their alliance with the Resistance because it was socially appropriate to do so. However, in the same night, they completely went against the message of the white rose and only acknowledged male success. The 'Time's Up' movement tried to further GRL PWR in the entertainment world, but the Grammy awards just set the clock back. When high momentum for the Resistance is needed as we head into a crucial election year, the Academy's hypocrisy is an example of how and why people lose trust in social movements. 

Although the Academy got it wrong at the Grammys, I am interested to see how the Oscar's will unfold. It's been a fantastic year for movies -- most nominations have female leads, and films like 'Get Out' beautifully articulate the horrific truth behind the severity of racial micro-aggression in America. Oscar season has always been my favorite, but I am particularly excited for this year's show as political themes are going to be inevitable. TYT Network is proud to have thoughtful critique and analysis from 'What The Flick?!' as they always hit the right notes on Oscar noms and beyond. 

The Grammys and the Oscars aren't the only major awards shows this season. The Shorty Awards honor the best in social media, and 'The Young Turks' is nominated for 3 categories! 

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