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ShopTYT For Your S/O

February 14 2018 – Tamara Estes

ShopTYT For Your S/O
ShopTYT For Your S/O

Written by Stacey Khizder

Valentine's Day is many things. To some, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. To others, it's an over-exaggerated marketing holiday. However way you may feel about February 14th, your partner is still expecting a sign of affection. 

This Valentine's Day, Shop with TYT for your progressive, TYT-watching, politics-loving significant other... even if that person is yourself! 

Start by celebrating TYT's Sweet 16!

TYT-Bats Zip Up Hoodie for $45

While February 14th is the day of love, it is also the anniversary of TYT! Shop 'The Young Turks' collection to show support for 16 years of The Young Turks! 

We have the perfect 'Resist' swag for your favorite #Resistance partner

'Resist' tank for $20

2018 is the year the 'resistance' will have to defeat the right and win the majority seats in Congress. If you're ready for a blue wave in 2018, shop our 'Resist' collection here


'I'll stick by you'

TYT Sticker Pack for $12

Stickers are a great way you show off what you stand for. My favorite way to do this is to put stickers on my laptop. Show your loved one that you'll stick by them while supporting their activism. You can also check out our patch pack here

If they don't resist 45, they aren't the one

'Resist the 45th' Hoodie for $45

You have a lot in common with your significant other, and one of them is that you probably both cannot stand Donald Trump, his agenda, and his policies. Our 'Resist' line silently protests the threat Trump poses on the United States and the rest of the world. ShopTYT's merchandise has designs that critique Trump's denial of climate change and global warming, sexism, bigotry, nepotism, and more.


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