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Written by Stacey Khizder

Although The Young Turks has only been around for 15 years, TYT has re-established the standards for authentic and honest journalism. Since 2002, the network has grown to become the largest online independent media outlet in the world.

People began to realize that there are other ways to watch the news with the expansion of the internet and social media, excluding cable outlets.

When the same three dominant cable news outlets run the same story for hours on end while there are injustices all over the world, people will turn to independent media. People have turned to The Young Turks.

Now in 2017, TYT continues to dominate online rankings with record breaking numbers. TYT is continuing to challenge establishment journalists everyday. But none of this would have been possible if not for our viewers.

Because of you, The Young Turks is the leading online media source. A great way to show your TYT pride is with our classic seal swag, which comes in Men's T-Shirts, Women's T-Shirts, a Tank Top, a Crewneck, and a Water Bottle. Show that you proudly support independent journalism!

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