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Canvass Against the Couch

julio 10 2024 – Justin Mickens

Canvass Against the Couch
Canvass Against the Couch

Here at ShopTYT, we believe in the power of an engaged and proactive electorate. For this reason, we have a full assortment of pro-voter goods available in our Canvass 2024 Collection. Stop by and see all the ways TYT can help you show your support for the democratic process and make you look stylish and fashionable along the way. But this election may be an uphill battle as an unlikely new contender has entered the fray.

Last month, media personality and host of The Breakfast Club radio show, Charlamagne tha God joined Cenk and Ana on The Young Turks. When the conversation reached the topic of November’s general election, Charlamagne explained his outlook on American politics. “This election has been about the Republicans who are the crooks. The Democrats who are the cowards and the couch. Which is voter apathy…a lot of people might just choose to sit this one out.” 

For those of us who fear Trump’s return to the White House, the growing influence of the couch is a threat to voter engagement. Even before Biden's disastrous performance at the first Presidential Debate, voters have been less than enthusiastic about him getting a second term in office. After all, Biden signaled to voters in 2020 that he would only serve a single term. Many people went to the polls that year to make a pragmatic choice. They were not voting for Biden but voting against Trump in hopes that a better option would emerge four years down the line. But that time is now and after crushing his democratic challengers with dubious tactics in the primaries, it looks like Biden may be back on the ballot this November. 

Biden’s presidency has its high points. But its low points are really low. What happened to supporting families by extending pandemic-era anti-poverty programs? What happened to the $15 minimum wage or the new voter rights bill? The list of unfulfilled campaign promises is a mile-long. The media may have forgotten all of the things he promised, but the voters remember and now instead of standing in long lines or filling out their ballots, the couch has emerged as a serious contender.

Democrats aren’t going to fight and the media isn’t interested in trying to hold them accountable for their failures. We need to act. We have to convince the masses to leave the couch and stop Trump’s return to power. Yes, this may be another election full of pragmatic choices. But the alternative is much worse. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at the Republican’s Project 2025 Plan.” It is full of terrifying schemes that will irrevocably shift the nation towards the right by further empowering Trump and destroying key public programs.

We cannot let this election go without a fight. So before you hit the streets to get voters off the couch, equip yourself with the latest pro-democracy gear from ShopTYT. Our Canvass 2024 Collection has everything you might need to show your support for free and fair elections.

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