Want To Join the Club?

Written by Stacey Khizder

It drives me absolutely crazy each time I hear people referencing "that socialist Bernie Sanders". 

There is a big difference between socialism and Democratic socialism. Socialism is the total equal distribution of wealth, status, and political gain amongst a population, while Democratic socialism takes this idea and applies it to a Democracy. Sen. Sanders' most famous policy proposals inherit the philosophy of Democratic socialism, where economic production can meet the needs of the public, rather than a small fraction of a population. 

Right now, America 'runs' on an economy that works great for the most privileged and elite percentage, while the rest of the 99% is unfairly disadvantaged. Right now, the American middle class is disappearing. Millions still don't have health care, and those who do, most likely have to pay thousands for insurance that doesn't cover much. U.S. student debt is at 1.45 trillion, while students pay an average of $100,000 to get a bachelors degree, yet cannot find sustainable a job after college. A country that prides itself on freedom and opportunity should not have such a large portion of Americans on the brink of economic turmoil. What we have now just isn't working anymore. 

Last week, Lee Carter, a DSA endorsed candidate won the 50th district for Virginia's House of Delegates. This is just the beginning of Democratic Socialist candidates winning local, state, and hopefully, national offices. 

Democratic Socialism is growing. Want to join the club

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