Klanbuster Baseball Caps

HOT off the press!!

Artist Inspiration:  "I realized one night randomly staring at the ghostbusters logo that with a simple adjustment it could be a klansman. It turned into the klanbusters logo after a little work. Afterwards, I found similar ideas on the internet, so the idea is not new, but the execution is and the underlying principle is about showing solidarity against hate groups. I was hoping it could be retired, but since the last election its become relevant again. Gotta represent Klanbusters." -ABCNT (www.abcnt.info)

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Bill - October 5, 2017

Great design for either a ballcap or a tee. Hell, it’s SWEATSHIRT WEATHER! But here I search and YOU’RE NOT SELLING THEM!! grrr bite

Praveen - April 5, 2017

I love the design. #RESIST

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