New ShopTYT Experience

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED ShopTYT experience!!  We've heard all of your feedback and updated the site just for you!  

YOU have always been the heartbeat of TYT.  We started this shop with just a couple of shirts at the request of our supporters looking for logo shirts to represent.  We have been surprised, but thrilled, with the overwhelming growth and response worldwide!!!  

This shop is here for you so we want YOU to be a part of shop.  Please comment below to let us know what you want to see at ShopTYT.  

We look forward to bringing you a more streamlined experience, cool new features, and lots more new designs and products.  

Thank you for your support!  CHEERS! 
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James - September 5, 2023

I’d like to see a picture both you like the 1 that’s on this site plus why are you out of mugs???

Apurva - May 18, 2017

Mugs!!! Especially the navy blue coffee mug with “TYT” written in white bold letters that sits on the power panel occasionally :) Beer mugs would be cool too!

Jake - May 16, 2017

Who do I contact about some new T-shirt ideas I have for you guys? (All free ideas too! I want nothing in return. I just want to help you grow the company.) Keep up the good work.



Chad Quant - May 9, 2017

When are you guys going to make a badge pin “Wolf-PAC” so that we can pin it on our shirts. Hopefully to hear from you guys very soon so it indicates what team we represent that stands out. Make sure the badge pin looks big enough to show on. Have a great day.

Chad Quant - May 9, 2017

When are you guys going to make a badge pin that shows “Wolf-PAC” so we can pin on our clothes. Hopefully to hear from you very soon thanks..

Elias Fielland - May 2, 2017

LOVE IT! LOVE Y’ALL!,… BUT,… You need more shirts available in 3XL. “Big Guys” Need Shirts too! :)

NIcole - April 28, 2017

Used to be a massive MSNBC watcher during the election and then I stumbled upon you and I’ve seen the light ,now crave truth in journalism your great for this world ! keep up the good work- new fan
-Who’s buying a shirt

Susan - April 27, 2017

Hi, would love to see a rhinestone TYT pin, delicate, for women who rarely dress casually! Also would be great if you offered the zip-up sweatshirts in actual women’s sizes. Please also consider doing embroidered patches that we could sew onto whatever.

Keep up the good work! Oh, a cool TYT necklace would hold be great, too. It could be done in a variety of designs….

Noemi - April 20, 2017

Happy for TYT’s success, but bummed about the lack of women’s shirts. There are literally no women’s 420 shirts. What’s up with that?

Lana Hartley - April 19, 2017

Bring back the Bernie tee shirt that matched the poster you were selling.

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