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Gift Giving Guide

December 11 2017 – Tamara Estes

Gift Giving Guide
Gift Giving Guide

Written by Stacey Khizder

ALRIGHT liberals, I know you all claim to be "anti-capitalist", and want to "seize the means of production", but let's be honest. The holiday season is around the corner and don't pretend like you don't have friends and family who are going to expect holiday gifts from you this year. The class struggle is real, but how bad are your loved one's going to feel when they realize you refused to buy them gifts because you're actively trying to overthrow the bourgeoisie? I know, keeping up with the capitalist machine can be hard. If you're having trouble figuring out what to buy for your loved ones (and yourself... you put up with 2017. You deserve a prize), ShopTYT is here to help.  

For the  friend who has a rose next to their social media handle and tags you in Karl Marx memes on Facebook

Democratic Socialist Social Club Sweater for $50.

For the  friend who has a "nevertheless, she persisted" mug, poster, or Instagram bio

GRL PWR collection - ‘Resist’ and ‘Feminist as fuck’ hats for $20.

For the friend who won’t stop asking for a cup of ‘covfefe’

‘Covfefe’ merchandise for $20-25.

For the friend who can't stop complaining how hot it is in the first week of December

Arctic Amplification shirt for $24.

Even if you can admit that the only reason you know of The Young Turks is because of Hasan Piker, our TYT collection is still here for that

Shop ‘The Young Turks’ collection.

For the friend who now refers to their pet as demo-dog.

‘Stranger Times’ t-shirt for $28.

For the friend who constantly reminds you that it's pronounced 'Jenk', not 'S-enk'...

‘Abstract Cenk’ t-shirt for $27.

For the hipster friend who jokes about it "not being a phase, mom"

Complete set of lapel pins for $70.

For the friend who hashtagged #RESIST on every 2017 Facebook post 

‘Resist’ collection on ShopTYT.

For the friend who constantly brings up this very hot take: "he won the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, not the popular vote"

‘Jurassic Prick’ shirts for $25.

For your TYT OG friend who remembers the time when Rosario Dawson got arrested wearing this

TYT Batman Style’ shirt for $23.

For the friend that  won't stop reminding you that Bernie Sanders is nominated for a Grammy

‘Feel the Bern’ tee for $25.

If you're an offended cry baby, snowflake, bleeding-heart liberal, then you'll love this collection as much as I do.


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