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It’s Getting Hot In Here...

June 06 2017 – Dan Evans-Nakamura

It’s Getting Hot In Here...
It’s Getting Hot In Here...

Written by Stacey Khizder

Last Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, an international consensus made amongst the United Nations regarding climate change. Out of all 197 nations that participated in the Paris climate accord, 147 of them have agreed to take on initiatives that would prevent further continuation of climate change, such as, lowering emission use and increasing renewable energy.

The United States pulling out of this agreement means that one of the most powerful and influential nations in the entire world is not going to strategize safer measures around using the Earth’s resources. Not only does this act completely ignore every statistic, piece of evidence, and fact that proves climate change and global warming are a real threat, but it also makes Americans and other citizens of the world a lot less safe.

Science, facts, and statistics don’t lie. The Earth is becoming drastically hotter, which has massive detriments on the world’s environment, ecology, and global economy.

Now, more than ever, your support for Mother nature and planet Earth is not only necessary for its safety, but vital. Some simple, day-to-day changes are easy to implement. Start paying attention to how often you use water, invest in a bike, and use the recycling and compost bins as often as possible.

You can also peacefully protest the American government’s lack of action in response to the inevitability of climate change with ShopTYT’s NEW T-Shirts! These shirts are not only light and comfortable to wear in the heat, but also deliver this message—we are not safe until we effectively address climate change and global warming. Click on the shirts below to buy! 


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  • nothingbeforeus: June 09, 2017
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    need way higher resolution images to preview these shirts, I can’t read what’s actually on them.

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