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Five O'Clock O'Clock

January 05 2018 – Tamara Estes

Five O'Clock O'Clock
Five O'Clock O'Clock

Written by Stacey Khizder

He did it, again! This time, I'm scared of how unsurprised and unfazed I am. The President of the United States tweeted outrageous things, again. And it's become the new normal.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump is back to work, or, back to making heinous statements via random tweet storm. These are two that stuck out to me:

For starters, there is no actual big red button. And "5:00 o'clock" is not proper English...

There are a few things about this that are truly sad. For one, the media will have to do their jobs and cover it because of its unprecedented ridiculousness. Meanwhile, there are tons of underreported stories and scandals that deserve more coverage and attention. Secondly, there are many people that truly think that this is the Presidents rightful way of making America great "again", when in reality this makes America look weak and embarrassing. 

However, I think that this is his way to distract from something bigger, and more damaging to his 'brand'. Donald Trump is desperately trying to spew chaos to confuse and distract the public. It's up to us not to fall for it. It's up to us to look the other way. 

The next day, journalist Michael Wolff released his new book Fire and Fury that surprisingly features Bannon throwing his former boss under the bus. *OMG* is Bannon part of the #Resistance now? No, he's still a white supremacist-bigot that gave us fake-news Breitbart and the Trump Presidency. Let's not start sympathizing with him and hiring him as a cable news contributor. 

Bannon, out of all people, reveals that he finds the infamous Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer as "treasonous". This will probably lead to special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate what Bannon knows, which can strengthen the evidence needed to determine impeachment as Trump's fate. 

I don't think that the American people should pride themselves on wanting to *just* impeach their President. However, a President that recklessly threatens North Korea on an unofficial platform, wages a pathetic war against the free press, and colludes with a government that the nation viewed as an enemy for decades needs to be removed from office. 

Donald Trump has only been in office for a little under a year. In that short amount of time, he has done an immense amount of damage to the prosperity, security, and success of the United States. Impeachment is not only necessary, it's needed.


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