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Earth Day for All

April 22 2024 – Justin Mickens

Earth Day for All
Earth Day for All

On April, 22nd 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated by John McConnell and other advocates for environmental protection. In those days, climate change research was new. But the data was clear. The increase in greenhouse gasses was raising global temperatures. If this issue is not addressed, it could result in catastrophic changes to the planet’s climate.

Corporations buried this data. Instead, they began a multi-decade campaign to misinform the public and delay action on climate change. Unfortunately, debates over whether or not science could be trusted have cost us valuable time. Today, we no longer have the luxury of time. Humanity needs to take action now, to save our world from a possible extinction-level event. 

We must regulate how corporations approach this ambitious goal. Last year, TYT reported on the issue of “Green Colonialism.” Also known as “Green Imperialism", this term refers to the tendency for affluent countries to influence the internal affairs of mostly developing nations in the name of environmentalism. Around the world, the rights of indigenous people are being trampled to fuel the growing demand for green technologies. There is a hidden cost for electric cars and wind farms, and it’s being paid largely by those who don’t have a seat at the table. 

Those who are fighting to save this planet understand the necessity of protecting all life. We cannot let corporate interest continue to set the pace on this issue. Addressing the climate crisis requires people-first solutions. How we combat climate change is important. 

This Earth Day, whether you’re at a protest or just running errands around town, wear your support for humane climate solutions. Show your commitment to a better, greener tomorrow, today.


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