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What Should We Resist In 2024?

junio 17 2024 – Justin Mickens

What Should We Resist In 2024?
What Should We Resist In 2024?

Here at ShopTYT, we carry everything you need to show your activist spirit. With less than six months left until the next general election, It’s more important than ever for us to show our support for the progressive issues that matter. That said, this election is going to be rough.

It’s no secret that voters are less than thrilled about the upcoming Biden versus Trump rematch. Neither candidate supports Medicare for all, minimum wage increases, or a Green New Deal. Instead, both candidates seem more enthusiastic about the prospect of feeding the war machine and maintaining the status quo. In contrast, voter enthusiasm is plummeting. 

A recent Gallup poll showed that 41% of voters are less enthusiastic about the 2024 election than in previous years. The establishment believes the lack of enthusiasm is not the candidate's fault. Rather it is a personal failing on the part of the voters. The political elites are confounded by our demands to see our needs addressed by the government. Why are we complaining? Don’t we know that this is the most important election of all time? It’s even more important than the last election; which was also the most important election of all time. 

We’re not here to tell you how to vote. What you choose to do with your ballot is up to you. But no matter what happens in November, we must continue to resist. We must resist the political stagnation favored by the establishment and its donors. We must resist the propaganda that tells us that change is unrealistic. We must resist this electoral system that has left us with less than sub-optimal candidate options in 2016, 2020, and 2024. If we want to see change, we can no longer let Democratic and Republican elites set the pace for our political revolution.

Progressives are fighters. We know that history is on our side and change is inevitable. So as you go out this year to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation, equip yourself with products from our Resist Collection. We have over one hundred items addressing everything from voting rights to reproductive health. If it’s progressive and you’re passionate about it, we have something in stock.  

But above all else, let’s not forget that 2028 is coming. If we want to have options, then our resistance starts today.

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