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Ancient Egyptian Mastery of Quantum Physics, Vibratory Frequency, and Geometric Sciences: An Overview of Complex Scientific Applications in Ancient Cultures

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Book Written by Dr. Rashad Richey

A synthesis of historical literature and emerging research suggests the modern-day quantum field theory (QFT) in physics was understood by cultures of antiquity (Shabana, 2012; Quehenberger, 2013). For example, the customs and practices of the ancient Egyptians align with the tenets of QFT, which suggest the tangible world as we know it, is entirely composed of frequency and vibration. Recognizing that all elements of temporal existence are variations of frequency and vibration has profound implications for multiple fields in modern science, including medicine.

While modern science understands matter as composed of atomic and subatomic particles that constitute a molecular structure, traditional perspectives of physics are largely based upon notions of physical solids interacting with one another, rather than recognizing the non-solid nature of objects and the dynamic, mutually intertwined influence of multi-dimensional waves. Emerging discoveries support QFT and the notion that the material world, as perceived by modern humans, is composed entirely of vibrations (Shabana, 2012). Moreover, vibratory frequencies and their spectrum quality likely extend infinitely beyond the limited range of frequencies that are perceivable to the normative senses of humans. Most vibrations occur at extremely subtle levels, either above or below the perceivable range. Vibratory frequency composes matter, consciousness, sensation, perception, and reaction, underscoring the inseparable confluence of mind, body, spirit, and consciousness. These concepts were well understood by many cultures of antiquity, most notably the ancient Egyptians (Quehenberger, 2013). Literature and ancient artifacts indicate that the Egyptians possessed knowledge of the nature of the cosmos and embodied a more expansive, holistic understanding of both the nature of temporal reality as vibration and the influence of higher dimensions and consciousness on the temporal, physical world (Quehenberger, 2013). Examining these concepts in light of the modern QFT provides ontological insights that contextualize the nature of reality and existence.