Get Money Out

Written by Stacey Khizder

What does it mean to have a fair and free election? It means that in a Democracy, an election should never be influenced by corporations spending money on politicians. 

It is no secret that in order to get ahead in an election, a candidate will need resources. How does one get resources that would boost them while campaigning? Money.

There is nothing wrong or unethical about simply having a lot of money to spend on a campaign. The problem is where this money comes from and what politicians will do to get it. 

Funneling big, corporate cash into elections poses a threat because it takes credibility away from the candidate. No corporation is giving large sums of money to a policy maker without expecting something in return. With this, special and disingenuous interests arise. This is unfair and corrupt as politicians are being sold and voter concerns are not being heard. 

To stop this, we need a Constitutional amendment that makes this message clear: corporations are not people, and they cannot buy elections. Wolf-PAC is aiming to do that


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