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Don't Choose Trump

June 28 2024 – Justin Mickens

Don't Choose Trump
Don't Choose Trump

Trump is back. Rather, the threat of a second Trump Presidency is back. At ShopTYT, we have so much anti-Trump-themed gear that you could almost accuse us of predicting his reascension to the position of the Republican nominee. We wish we could tell you that Joe Biden and the establishment Democrats had crafted a strategy that could secure victory. But whatever they are doing, it seems to be less effective than they had hoped. Currently, national polling suggests that Biden is behind Trump. He isn’t behind by much. But it shouldn’t be close at all. We don’t know what Trump will do if he becomes president again. After all, Mexico never did pay for the wall and we know he will promise anyone anything. We can look at the past and see what he has done to know why he should not be allowed to return to the White House. 

The Muslim Ban

Mere days after he was sworn in as president, Donald Trump enacted Executive Order 13769 titled The Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States. Donald Trump and his supporters referred to this executive order as the Muslim ban or as the Trump Muslim Travel Ban. Once in effect, this executive order placed limits on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States suspended the entry of Syrian refugees indefinitely, and stopped entry of travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. After a national outcry and several legal battles, the Department of Homeland Security ceased to enforce this executive order. Joe Biden revoked it as a part of Presidential Proclamation 10141 in January 2021. Trump may not keep all of his campaign promises. But if he chooses to fulfill any of them, it can lead to disastrous consequences for this nation.

The Return of the Covfefe News Cycle

Joe Biden may be asleep at the wheel. But when Donald Trump was President, he was active and he flooded the news cycle with daily nonsense. It would be a Herculean task to try to list all of the terrible things Trump said and did in those 4 years. Every day he was tweeting about something or saying something at a press conference. At first, it was a constant parade of scandals. But after a while, people became desensitized to his weapons-grade incompetence. The Overton window shifted greatly towards mediocrity and American politics has never recovered. 

The Plot to Steal an American Election

In 2020, Trump's position as president was vulnerable. He had spent 4 years going from scandal to scandal and had managed to fumble his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A ham sandwich could have beat him. But instead, Joe Biden won in November of 2020. Panicked, he and his associates launched a scheme in which they would insert fraudulent certificates of ascertainment in seven states to tilt the electoral college in his favor. Thankfully, this plot fell apart. But a person who would even consider doing this is unfit for office and a danger to the nation.

No one here is going to tell you how to vote. But whatever you choose, don’t choose Trump. Instead, visit ShopTYT’s Trump Collection and choose to show the world that you're not going to let that maniac slither back into the White House. Your purchases fuels our fight against another Trump term and can help send us to this years Republican National Convention. So, support our courageous coverage and get a cool shirt today. 


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